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ACVPM Officers & Committee Chairs

ACVPM Officers

ACVPM 2016 – 2017 Officers and Contact Information
As of 1 December 2017


President: Dr. Marianne Ash: mash@boah.in.gov 
President Elect: Dr. Brian McCluskey: Brian.J.McCluskey@aphis.usda.gov 
Past-President: Dr. Scott Brooks: swayne86@hotmail.com
Secretary/Treasurer:  Dr. Tom Doker (2015-2017): thomas.doker@gmail.comCouncilor: Dr. Armando Hoet: hoet.1@osu.edu 
Councilor: Dr. Barbara Jones: barbaraleejones@gmail.com
Councilor: Dr. Renee Funk: rjf8@cdc.govExecutive V.P: Dr. Candace McCall: evp@acvpm.org 
President, Epidemiology Specialty: Dr. Kimberly Orr: kimorr@aol.com                                                      

ABVS Representative: Dr. John Sanders: John Sanders jpsanderswv@comcast.net

Internal Affairs Committee 
Chair - Dr. Kerry Pride (14-18): montanakp@gmail.com
Dr. Kerry Pride (14-18): montanakp@gmail.com
Dr. Amy Peterson (15-19): amp7@cdc.gov
Dr. Janice Baker (16-20): JBaker@vettacgroup.com

Dr. Barbara Jones – Councilor: barbaraleejones@gmail.com 
Dr. John Sanders - ABVS Representative (ex-officio) 
Dr. Brian McCluskey - President-Elect (ex-officio)


Membership and Outreach Committee

Chair - Dr. Julie Lenoch (16-18) (Julianna.B.Lenoch@aphis.usda.gov)
Dr. Kristen Voehl (14-19): kmvoehl@gmail.com
Dr. Will Sander (15-20): wesander85@gmail.com
Dr. Hayley Adams (16-21): adams@thesilenttheroes.org
Dr. Jennifer Wishnie (17-22): jennifer@wishnieconsulting.com Dr. Renee Funk - Councilor:  rjf8@cdc.gov


Nominations & Awards Committee
Chair - Dr. Scott Brooks: swayne86@hotmail.com
Dr. Brian McCluskey: Brian.J.McCluskey@aphis.usda.gov 
Dr. Marianne Ash: mash@boah.in.gov 

Dr. Renee Funk: rjf8@cdc.gov – Liaison to Committee


Continuing Education Committee
Chair - Dr. Jason Stull (15-20): stull.82@osu.edu 
Dr. Melissa Hehr (16-17): melissa.df@hotmail.com
Dr. Megin Nichols (17-20): gpg6@cdc.gov

Dr. Michele Jay-Russell (17-21): mjay@ucdavis.edu

Dr. Kristy Bradley (17-22): kristyb@health.ok.gov Councilor: hoet.1@osu.edu 


Communications Committee 
Chair - Dr. Lynn White-Shim (15-18): oskee99@gmail.com
Dr. Ross Free (15-19): ross.a.free@gmail.com
Dr. Paul Grunenwald (16-20): paul.grunenwald@dshs.state.tx.us 
Dr. Tristan Colonius (17-21): tcolonius@gmail.com

Dr. Barbara Jones – Councilor: barbaraleejones@gmail.com Executive V.P: Dr. Candace McCall: evp@acvpm.org  - Liaison 


Credentials Committee 
Chair - Dr. Nina Marano (13-18): nmarano@ke.cdc.gov 
Dr. Julie Gauthier (14-19): doryursa@yahoo.com 
Dr. Eileen Ball (15-20): eileen.ball@zoetis.com
Dr. Todd French (16-21):  mtfrench5@gmail.com
Dr. Jennifer Webeck (17-22): mnwolfgirl@hotmail.com

Dr. Renee Funk - Councilor:  rjf8@cdc.gov

Examinations Committee
Chair - Dr. Rick Hill (11-18): arhill@iastate.edu 
Dr. Lisa Ann Conti (Public Health and Admin, 13-19): lxc2001@gmail.com 
Dr. Margery Hanfelt (Food Safety, 14-20): margery.hanfelt@us.army.mil
Dr. Greg Habing (Epidemiology, 15-21): habing.4@osu.edu
Dr. Aaron Scott (Infectious and Parasitic Diseases, 16-22): aaron.e.scott@aphis.usda.gov

Dr. Reid Harvey (Environmental Health, 17-23): r.reid.harvey@gmail.com


Dr. Armando Hoet - Councilor 
Dr. Candace McCall - Executive Vice President (ex officio)

Maintenance of Certification Committee
Chair - Dr. Karyn Havas (13-18): karyn.havas@gmail.com 
Dr. Sharon Grayzel (16-19): sgrayzel@comcast.net
Dr. Ethyl Taylor (15-20): evt2004@gmail.com
Dr. Richard Smilie (16-21): richard.smilie@gmail.com 
Dr. Armando Hoet - Councilor

ACVPM Representative to the American Board of Veterinary Specialties 
Dr. John Sanders (07-13): jpsanderswv@comcast.net
College Historian
Dr. Russ Currier: ruscurrier@yahoo.com