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The Current Situation with MERS in the Middle East (Oct 2, 2018)

During this webinar, participants will learn the Current status of MERS Corona virus in the Middle East, including the modes of transmission, known reservoirs and methods of prevention in humans and animals.

Access the recording of this presentation by clicking here; download presentation slides here.


The causative agent of MERS is a novel coronavirus (CoV) named MERS-CoV in 2012. It belongs to lineage C of RNA Beta coronavirus. MERS is a zoonotic disease transmitted from dromedaries to humans. Its spread in humans has primarily occurred in human hospitals.  The disease is most prevalent in Saudi Arabia, where to-date 2000 people have been infected. MERS has a fatality rate of 40%. In the future, prevention will be accomplished through vaccination of humans having contact with dromedaries and/or vaccination of dromedaries.