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Advancing the One Health Concept through Collaborations that Connect, Create and Educate (November 17, 2016)

Dr. Cheryl Stroud

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Summary: Over the past few years, Ebola and Zika have shown the world the importance of One Health – an interdisciplinary approach to health care that brings together humans, animals, and the environment. Ecologists have repeatedly pointed out that human impact on the environment (via deforestation, development, etc.) is bringing people and wildlife into ever increasing contact. Additionally, the world must discover how to feed the projected population of nine billion people without causing further environmental harm. Clinicians in both human and animal health must find ways to communicate despite our siloed systems. This will require conjoined, sustained, and simultaneous attention across many professional arenas. One Health is a path to accomplishing the UN Sustainable Development Goals, from Planetary Health to Global Health Security.

During this presentation, participants will learn about several arenas of One Health, discuss the critical need for and process of connecting the many passionate stakeholders around the world, and share an update on efforts across the U.S. and beyond to make One Health ways of thinking the ‘default way of doing business.