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The Confluence of Science, Policy and Politics and the Multisectoral Approach to Zoonotic Disease (June 15, 2017)

Dr. Brian McCluskey

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Summary: Conversations and news on how science and scientists influence policy and decision-making have increased recently, and the challenges shared between science, policy, and politics are not new. In the fields of science (epidemiology, medicine, public health, animal health, and food safety among others), decision-making and policy informed by science is imperative, yet we have all experienced how other factors may alter those decisions and policy development. 

During the webianar participants will learn how specific examples of zoonotic disease responses have highlighted the contributions of science, policy, and politics in successful and some not so successful outcomes.  They will gain an understanding of how to best use science to influence decision making and policy development in their organizations.  They will also learn to identify where outside influences may alter decision-making or policy development.  Through examples of zoonotic disease response, they will learn the importance of actively choosing how to apply science effectively.