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Continuing Education Opportunities in Veterinary Preventive Medicine

The mission of the American College of Veterinary Preventive Medicine is to further the understanding of animal health and its impacts on human welfare and the environment. We believe that excellence in education is what will empower veterinary professionals to tackle the world’s most pressing animal health challenges head on. Providing unique learning opportunities for veterinarians—ACVPM diplomates and otherwise—is central to our mission as a college.

ACVPM-Certified Training Programs

ACVPM sponsors two unique training programs in the United States that offer current veterinarians and students the opportunity for specialized training and academic experience in public health: the Veterinary Public Health Residency at the University of Minnesota and the Veterinary Public Health Specialization at Ohio State University. More information can be found on our training programs page.

CE Events for Veterinarians

The college offers various continuing education opportunities for member and non-member veterinarians throughout the year, some of which may impart for CE credit. Please check our training events page for updated listings.


ACVPM partners with the Centers for Disease Control to provide members with up to date information on preventive and public health safety issues. Our webinars are held on a live online platform that:

Questions about continuing veterinary education with ACVPM? Contact us anytime.