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ACVPM Award Winners


The Distinguished Diplomate shall be a member in good standing who has made significant contributions to the specialty of veterinary preventive medicine. Nominations for the Distinguished Diplomate Award may be made by any member in good standing. The nominations shall be made to the chairperson of the Standards and Recognition Committee including a brief biographical sketch of the nominee. Previous Distinguished Diplomate award winners include:

1983 Dr. James H. Steele, Dr. Calvin W. Schwabe & Dr. Ival A. Merchant 
1985 Dr. Paul R. Schnurrenberger (posthumously) 
1986 Dr. Benjamin D. Blood 
1989 Dr. Leon H. Russell, Jr. 
1990 Dr. Norman D. Heidelbaugh 
1991 Dr. William E. Jennings 
1992 Dr. Robert K. Anderson 
1993 Dr. Joe R. Held 
1994 Dr. Charles V. L. Elia 
1995 Dr. Douglas W. Butchart 
1996 Dr. Lonnie J. King 
1997 Dr. Edward L. Menning 
1998 Dr. Frederick J. Angulo 
1999 Dr. Michael G. Groves 
2000 Dr. Thomas G. Murnane 
2001 Dr. Stanley O. Hewins 
2002 Dr. John C. New, Jr. 
2004 Dr. William D. Hueston
2005 Dr. Gary L. Bowman
2006 Dr. Salvatore M. Cirone
2007 Dr. Lyle P. Vogel
2008 Dr. Michael B. Cates
2009 Dr. Roger Gibson
2010 Dr. Marguerite Pappaioanou
2011 Dr. Millie Eidson
2012 Dr. Greg Parham
2013 Dr. Patty Scharko
2014 Dr. George Moore
2015 Dr. Leo Cropper
2016 Dr. John Sanders
2017 Dr. Paul Garbe
2018 Dr. Susan Trock



*Award was not conferred in 1984, 1987, 1988 and 2003.


This award, established in 1980, recognized the significant and lasting contributions of Drs. John H. Helwig and William E. Jennings to the totality of veterinary preventive medicine. The award may be presented in the future to other in good standing who have rendered outstanding and prolonged service to the College. Nominations for the award may be made by any member in good standing. Previous Helwig-Jennings award winners include:

1980 Dr. John H. Helwig, Dr. William E. Jennings
1981 Dr. Leo A. Whitehair
1982 Dr. Joe W. Atkinson
1983 Dr. Earl W. Grogin
1984 Dr. Charles H. Snider
1986 Dr. William W. Rosser
1987 Dr. Fred W. Clayton
1989 Dr. Edward L. Menning
1990 Dr. William T. Hubbert
1991 Dr. C. Richard Dorn
1992 Dr. Ronald D. Anderson
1993 Dr. Lawrence E. Heider
1994 Dr. Thomas G. Murnane
1995 Dr. Michael M. Pullen
1996 Dr. Michael G. Groves
1997 Dr. David W. Dreesen
1998 Dr. Leon H. Russell, Jr.
1999 Dr. F.T. "Irish" Satalowich
2000 Dr. Paul L. Barrows
2001 Dr. Suzanne R. Jenkins
2002 Dr. Kelley J. Donham
2003 Dr. Stepanie J. Sherman
2004 Dr. John R. Herbold
2006 Dr. J. Kevin Grayson
2007 Dr. Roger A. Krogwold
2008 Dr. John P. Sanders, Jr
2009 Dr. Paul Garbe
2010 Dr. David W. Goolsby
2011 Dr. James Wright
2012 Dr. David R. Smith
2013 Dr. Margaret (Peggy Carter)
2014 Dr. Marianne Ash
2015 Dr. Scott Cornwell
2016 Dr. Bonnie Martin 
2017 Dr. Mo Salman

2018 Dr. Tom Berg





*Award was not conferred in 1985, 1988 and 2005.


Frank A. Todd President's Award: This award may be given by the president of the College to a member in good standing for meritorious service to the College. The period of evaluation will be for two years and commences when the president-elect takes office. The award shall be a plaque and is not a membership category with exemption of dues. Previous President's Award winners include:

1983 Dr. William W. Rosser
1990 Dr. Larry D. Brown
1991 Dr. William D. Hueston
1992 Dr. Stanley O. Hewins
1993 Dr. John C. Prucha
1994 Dr. James H. Steele
1995 Dr. Kelley J. Donham
1996 Dr. Thomas G. Murnane & Dr. Vicky L. Fogelman
1997 Dr. Ronald D. Warner
1999 Dr. J. Kevin Grayson
2000 Dr. Robin L. Taylor
2002 Dr. Roger A. Krogwold
2004 Dr. David W. Dreesen
2006 Dr. Candace A. Jacobs & Dr. Margaret N. Carter
2007 Dr. Gary L. Bowman
2008 Dr. Russell W. Currier
2010 Dr. Malcolm Roberts
2012 Dr. Beth Karp
2014 Dr. Danelle Bickett-Weddle & Dr. Glenda Dvorak
2015 Dr. Brian McCluskey
2016 Dr. Barbara Jones
2017 Dr. Matt Doyle
2018 Dr. Rick Hill

*Award was not conferred 1984-1989, 1998, 2001, 2004, 2005, 2009, 2011 and 2013.