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ACVPM Mission & Programs

The health of the animal kingdom, the environment, and of humans all benefit from quality preventive veterinary medicine. ACVPM believes that the process of becoming board certified in veterinary preventive medicine enhances personal skills and expands professional expertise to this end.

Board Certification in Veterinary Preventive Medicine

Our certification program focuses on assisting veterinarians with professional growth and development in the fields of public health, epidemiology, and preventive medicine.

Eligible veterinarians will find our application and certification processes require the highest level of moral character combined with professional experience and qualifications. We have exceptional standards and the quality of our diplomates attests to the quality of our certification.

Epidemiology Specialty

In 1987, ACVPM began examinations toward specialty in epidemiology. Veterinarians interested in pursuing a focus on this branch of medicine have the opportunity to further demonstrate professional development and depth of knowledge in this important field.

Professional Networking

In addition to providing certification of veterinary specialists and advancing veterinary public health and preventive medicine, the ACVPM has also served as a professional network for practitioners. Members connect with like-minded diplomates, enhancing professional relationships and often forming lasting friendships based on shared experiences.

Diplomate Involvement

Diplomates of the ACVPM are involved in a wide variety of public, private, industrial, military, and institutional practices. The expertise they have gained through board certification allows them to participate in many activities including:

If you have additional questions about ACVPM or the board certification process, please contact us for more information.