From the Desk of the President...

Dear Diplomats and College members:

I want to share some news and accomplishments from our College. The Executive Board for the last few months has participated in several activities and exercises and continues its regular monthly conference meetings. (FYI: chairpersons of the standing committees are also invited to participate in these meetings every other month.) I find that these monthly meetings are a great way to remind all of us about the College and its needs in order to make progress.

The Executive Board members are finalizing the agenda items for a half-day workshop on strategic planning for the College. This workshop will be held in conjunction with the AVMA annual convention. We hope to have an outcome that can provide a reliable working plan of the College within its mission and direction. I am optimistic about the future of our College and its role in building a better future for the profession of veterinary medicine.

The Credentials Committee reviewed and approved the process of new applicants and the Examination Committee is preparing for the coming exam for those who are approved as candidates. Once again, the examination will be administered in Columbus, OH on June 12-13, 2013.

The re-certification procedure, as required by the ABVS, was approved by the College members and a new standing recertification committee was appointed. Included in this committee are new diplomats from the various employer sectors of the College. This committee was charged with developing the Standards of Operation as the first step in starting the re-certification pathway.

The Executive Board will have only a half-day for a face-to-face meeting instead of the traditional full day during the 2013 AVMA convention. The frequent participation of the standing committee chairs with the Executive Board members has reduced the need for a full day meeting. We are attempting to decrease the cost of the College operation given the limited available financial resources.

The Communication Committee has assessed the College website and recommended a major remodel of the site to make it more appealing to the users and to update it with the current available technology. The Executive Board has worked with this committee during the tenure of Scott Brooks, President-Elect. Our hope is that the new website will be ready for the users by the end of this year. The Communication Committee is doing a great job with our newsletter. I hope we keep this momentum going.

The Continuing Education Committee has been engaged in the development of education presentations through the AVMA annual convention process. The committee has already developed the agenda with speakers for the AVMA 2014 annual convention. The Membership and Outreach Committee maintained College booth space at the annual AVMA convention and is exploring options to get better College presentations through possible involvement of other relevant organizations.

The College, with the hard work of David Goolsby, has been involved in a training program through the Clinician Outreach and Communication Activity (COCA) with volunteer participation of Diplomats. This program is a great link to public health as a demonstration of the One Health Concept.

The above is a short summary of activities for the last few months. I applaud the contributions of numerous College members to the professional wellbeing of the ACVPM. Several diplomats have contributed to these activities with their hard work and many volunteered hours. Without this hard work the College cannot progress. Your participation in the College’s activities is encouraged and appreciated. Please do not hesitate to contact me ( to share your ideas about the direction of the College and your vision for improving our image. I believe that we are faced with several challenges in our veterinary medicine profession and our College has the best opportunity to be in the lead for future progress in the profession.

Dr. Mo Salman
President, ACVPM

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