2013-2014 Officers/Committee's of the ACVPM

ACVPM Officers and e-mail addresses

President : Dr. Mo Salman: m.d.salman@colostate.edu
President Elect: Dr. Scott Brooks: scott.brooks@yum.com
Secretary/Treasurer: Dr. Sherry Burrer: doc.sherry@yahoo.com
Past- President: Dr. Roger Krogwold: rkrogwold@gmail.com

Councilor: Dr. Marianne Ash: mash@boah.in.gov
Councilor: Dr. : Dr. Vicki (Vicky) Fogelman: vfogelman@charter.net
Councilor: Dr. Paul Garbe: pgarbe@cdc.gov

Executive V.P: Dr. Candace McCall: evp@acvpm.org
President, Epidemiology Specialty: Dr. Mark Starr: mstarrdvm@gmail.com

Internal Affairs Committee
Dr. Cynthia Johnson (10-14) - chair: Cynthia.L.Johnson@aphis.usda.gov
Dr. David Goolsby (11-15)
Dr. Donald Noah (12-16)
Dr. Paul Hollier (13-17)
Dr. Marianne Ash - Councilor
Dr. John Sanders - ABVS Representative (ex-officio)
Dr. Scott Brooks - President-Elect (ex-officio)

Membership & Outreach Committee
Dr. Annette Bredhauer (09-14) - chair: Annette.bredthauer@nebraska.gov
Dr. Bonnie Martin (10-15)
Dr. Bob Bokma (11-16)
Dr. Sarah Speth (12-17)
Dr. William L. Walker (13-17)
Dr. Paul Garbe - Councilor

Nominations & Awards Committee
Dr. Roger Krogwold (08-14) - chair: rkrogwold@gmail.com
Dr. Mo Salman (10-16)
Dr. Scott Brooks (12-18)
Dr. Paul Garbe - Councilor

Continuing Education Committee
Dr. Armando Hoet (10-14) - chair: Armando.Hoet@cvm.osu.edu
Dr. Princess Campbell (11-15)
Dr. Jennifer Koeman (12-16)
Dr. Barbara Jones (12-17)
Dr. Karen Becker (13-18)
Dr. Vicki Fogelman - Councilor

Communications Committee
Dr. Ethel Taylor (10-14) - chair: idp4@cdc.gov
Dr. Tom Doker (11-15)
Dr. Kathy Orloski (12-16)
Vacant (13-17)
Dr. Paul Garbe - Councilor
Dr. Candace McCall—Executive Vice President (ex officio)

Credentials Committee
Dr. Jill Duel (09-14) - chair: theduels@hotmail.com
Dr. Evan Shukan (10-15)
Dr. David Chico (11-16)
Dr. Marcy J. Souza (12-17)
Dr. Nina Marano (13-17)
Dr. Marianne Ash - Councilor

Examinations Committee
Dr. Kathryn Feldman (08-14) - chair: katherine.feldman@maryland.gov
Dr. Bradford Hildabrand (Food Safety, 09-15)
Dr. Roy Berghaus (Epidemiology, 10-16)
Dr. Rick Hill (Infectious Diseases, 11-17)
Dr. Mary Anne Duncan (Environmental Health, 12-18)
Dr. Lisa Ann Conti (Public Health and Admin, 13-19)
Dr. Vicki Fogelman - Councilor
Dr. Candace McCall - Executive Vice President (ex officio)

Recertification Committee
Dr. Peggy Carter - chair: carterpeggy@aol.com
Dr. Eric Ebel (13-15)
Dr. Karyn Havas (13-16)
Dr. Wondwossen Gebreyes (13-17)
Dr. Larissa Minicucci (13-18)
Dr. Danielle Tack (13-19)
Dr. Vicky Fogelman - Councilor

ACVPM Representative to the American Board of Veterinary Specialties
Dr. John Sanders (07-13) : jpsanderswv@comcast.net

College Historian
Dr. Russ Currier: ruscurrier@yahoo.com

Other Contact Informationn

Webmaster: Joe Adam: jadam@acvpm.org

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