2013 Exam News

- From the EVP -

The exam dates for 2013 are June 12th and 13th.

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Below is some information for you to help in planning.  I strongly advise you to read this information carefully.

LOCATION:  Each part of the ACVPM examination will begin in the :

                Veterinary Medical Academic Building – Dunlap Auditorium

                College of Veterinary Medicine

                The Ohio State University

                1900 Coffey Road

                Columbus, Ohio 43210 


HOTEL:   A block of rooms has been reserved at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites: Columbus University Area - OSU.  The contract room rate is $109.99/night and also includes a hot breakfast.  Indicate to the hotel that you are with ACVPM when making the reservations to receive our group rate.  If making the reservation online, use ACV as the group code.  The number of rooms in the contract is limited and the deadline for reservations at the contract rate is May 9, 2013.  The room reservation and the payment are the responsibility of the candidate.  If a candidate chooses to use the govt/military rate, the hotel will not know they are with our group.   Reservations can be made by phone (614-447-1212) or online at www.ichotelsgroup.com   Because we have a room contract, the deadline to cancel a individual reservation is 96 hours prior to your check in date, NOT the typical “by 6pm on the day of your arrival”.   Cancellation after that date will result in a charge for the entire stay.

 This hotel offers airport shuttle service for a fee of $16 each way or $32 round-trip.  You should provide your itinerary to the hotel a couple of days ahead of your arrival to schedule the pick-up.  The room block begins on Monday, June 10, and you can stay through Saturday night.  The testing period on Thursday (June 13th) is 8am - 2pm.  The airport (CMH) is about 11 miles from the test site and it takes about 20 minutes to get there if not at rush hour.  Assuming you have already checked out of the hotel and have your bag with you, you could call a cab and be at the airport by 3pm. 

Hotel contact info is:

Holiday Inn Express & Suites (Columbus University Area-OSU)

3045 Olentangy River Road

Columbus, OH 43202



OSU Area Hotels* in addition to the Holiday Inn Express for June 11-13


Varsity Inn North


Fairfield Inn  614-267-1111

Red Roof Inn


Hilton Garden Inn 614-263-7200



$65 (request “OSU Fan” rate)

$106 (OSU rate)

$70 King

$115 (OSU rate)



OSU is cheapest

$94 but depends on availability

Less 10%

 $94 but depends on availability



OSU is cheapest

$94 but depends on availability

Less 10%

5-10% discount

Airport Shuttle

No, but has arrangement with Orange Cab for $15 one way.  Call 614-414-0000 and mention rate to get discount.  Pay driver.

No, but has deal with Shamrock Cab for <$30.  Call cab at 614-784-8888


No, but has arrangement with A-1 Cab Co.  Call 614-222-2223. Price varies.

Breakfast included in  room rate


Yes, Deluxe Continental


No, but hot breakfast available for $9.95

*Approximate daily room rates as of Feb, 2013 and are subject to change with availability. 

TRANSPORTATION: None of the hotels/motels listed provide airport shuttle service.  Taxi fare from the Columbus airport to the campus area hotels is usually about $30.   While city bus service (COTA) is available, it is not recommended; the published schedule shows it takes about 2 hours with 2 transfers to travel from the airport to the hotels on Olentangy River Road listed above. 

PARKING:  Parking on the OSU campus is by permit only.  Visitor parking permits can be pre-purchased from Pay-N-Display kiosks in the Sisson Hall parking lots for $1.50/hour.  The kiosk accepts coins  or credit cards, but not dollar bills.  Additional information on campus parking can be found at http://www.campusparc.com/osu/visitors-patients/short-term-surface-lot-parking     The Examination Committee suggests that cars be left at the hotel where there is no additional parking charge.    ACVPM will provide a shuttle bus at 8:00am Thursday and 7:00am Friday from the Holiday Inn Express & Suites parking lot to the exam site on the OSU campus.  The shuttle bus will make multiple runs to return candidates to the hotel each afternoon at the conclusion of the exam period.

EXAM CHECK-IN:  For each section of the exam, check-in will begin in the hallway adjacent to the Dunlap Auditorium 45 minutes prior to the start of the day’s exam session.  Bring a government-issued photo identification.  ID will be requested when you check-in for the examination.  At registration, you will receive a two-digit confidential ID number, and you will use this number to identify your completed exam documents.

Examination instructions will begin 20 minutes prior to the start of each examination session. 


The examinations will begin promptly at the times listed below:          

Subject Matter Expertise Evaluation (essays):

Wednesday, June 12, 2013, 9:00am - 3:00pm (EDT)


Comprehensive Knowledge Evaluation (multiple-choice):

Thursday, June 13, 2013, 8:00am - 2:00pm (EDT)


FOOD:  Only coffee, tea, water, soft drinks, and light snacks will be provided during the test.  Please eat breakfast at your hotel prior to coming to the test.


AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT:  The ACVPM does adhere to the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Anyone requiring special assistance with preexisting disabilities in accommodating access to and participation in the ACVPM examination, is requested to notify the executive vice president [EVP] to assure that arrangements can be successfully established to provide necessary support.  Any such candidate is requested to notify the EVP within 30 days of receipt of this instructional letter.


Communications skills are now assessed as an integrated part of each essay question.   Some of the essay questions will have short answers, some will require lengthy answers.  For all answers, we expect proper spelling, punctuation and good grammar.  Your responses must be clear and accurate using complete sentences. 

A ) Subject Matter Expertise Evaluation (Essays) – Five essay or short answer type subject matter questions - time allocated 6 hours.:

·         Environmental health

·         Infectious & parasitic diseases

·         Food safety

·         Epidemiology and biostatistics

·         Public health administration & education


a. You will be assigned randomly to a desktop computer workstation or laptop computer.  Do not go to that workstation until after you have received the instructions in Dunlap Auditorium.  Once you are at your computer, final instructions will be given for starting the examination.  If you have a preference for desktop or laptop, we will try to accommodate you.  Please notify the EVP as soon as possible.  First come first serve. 

b. Read each question carefully, organize your thoughts, and answer each question as completely but as concisely as possible.  For all answers, we expect proper spelling, punctuation and good grammar.  Your responses must be clear and accurate using complete sentences. 

c. Proper methods of saving your responses will be covered prior to examination. 


B) Comprehensive Knowledge Evaluation – 300 multiple choice questions: Time allocated 6 hours.

60 questions from each of the five areas above (i.e., environmental health, infectious & parasitic diseases, food safety, epidemiology and biostatistics, public health administration & education).


This is a multiple choice examination which contains two sections.  Thus, there are two answer sheets, one for each section.  The Examinations Committee suggests that you work exclusively on one section of the Comprehensive Knowledge Examination at a time.  All questions are as straight forward as possible.  There are no questions that are written to intentionally mislead you.  In spite of the committee’s best efforts, the exam may contain misspellings or other minor errors.  Should a candidate find such errors, he/she should immediately bring the error to the attention of the proctor who will post such changes.  You must turn in both the signed exam booklet and the answer sheet prior to leaving the exam area.

You will have only the designated time to complete each part of the examination.  The time limits allocated for each part of the examination will be strictly enforced.   The times shown above INCLUDE any time that you require to visit the restroom, take a short break, etc.  You may not converse with another candidate during the examination period.  You must remain within the general area of the examination until you complete the examination. 

Your examination is not complete until you have returned all testing materials, USB flash drives, scratch papers, information sheets, and critique sheets to the proctor.

         The Examination Committee recommends that you bring these instructions with you to Columbus and review the instructions immediately prior to the examination.


Important-  Please note the following:

A.  We will have individual Windows 7 computers running Word 2007 or 2010 available for the essay examination on Wednesday.  You will be given instructions on the use of these computers and how to save your five essays .  Listen to and follow those instructions carefully.  If you have questions, please be sure they are answered before you begin the exams.  Questions during the exam periods tend to be disruptive to others.

B.  A small calculator will be provided for working certain math problems.  These calculators will be simple and non-programmable.   Palm Pilots, Blackberries, or similar other multiple function electronic devices containing calculators or wireless communication systems are not approved for use.

C.  #2 pencils will be furnished for the Comprehensive Knowledge Evaluation (multiple–choice) exam.

D.  Bring ear plugs -- if extraneous noise has the potential to distract or annoy you.  Occasional noise in the college may be beyond the control of the Examinations Committee.

E.  Scratch paper will be provided.  All such paper must be placed  in a designated area prior to leaving the examination room.

F.  Minimize what you carry into the examination room as ALL briefcases, backpacks, bags, purses, etc., must be placed in a designated area away from the examinee.

G.  Spill-proof coffee mugs will be provided on Thursday.  Beverages other than bottled water must be in spill-proof containers in the auditorium and computer lab.  If you wish to take beverages into the auditorium on Friday, bring your mug back on Friday.

Some candidates may need to defer examination for one or two years because of health, deployment, or employer demands  The Examinations Committee  appreciates notification as early as one decides to postpone sitting for the exam.  In any case deferrals will NOT be accepted  after  May 1st, 2013.  Any deferral after May 28th, 2013.  will be considered a ‘no show’ rather than  an excused absence and the candidate will be required to pay 50% of exam to sit the exam in the future.  In previous years it was not as important, but this year we have to rent computers so it will be very important to let me know asap.  If you plan to defer, please write a letter of explanation addressed to Dr Renee Funk, Chair, Examinations Committee and email to me at evp@acvpm.org


I am here to help you in any way I can, if you have a question please feel free to contact me.  I will be posting information on the website http://www.acvpm.org under exam updates.  You will find information on the online course there - it is not too late to sign up.  If you are in the military and have not received information on that course let me know. 



MCDD00756_0000[1]If you are interested in being matched to a mentor please contact our Membership and Outreach Chair, Dr. Heather Case - chair: hcase@avma.org  Please also state a geographic and/or subject matter preference.


We are excited to have you take the exam in June!  Each of you will receive a separate email requesting information for your certificate and verifying which portions of the test you will be taking.



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